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Thermal Massager «Nuga Best»

Thermal Massager «Nuga Best»

Only one person out of a thousand in the age of 30-40 years have a healthy spine! Due to lack of exercise and poor blood circulation in the adjacent spinal tissue, cartilage and discs collapse and cause disease.

Nuga Best thermal massage will be thus the only healthy lucky. This massager is the flagship product line of the company Nuga Best – thanks to its therapeutic functions, millions of people around the world have forgotten about the diseases of the back, joints, heart, gastrointestinal tract and heal your body.

At the heart of the massager Nuga Best are reflexology, acupressure and warming infrared rays (Diklo). In addition, the gentle massage of the spine produces the hood, so it can be safely used by all the family.

Apparatus for foot massage “second heart”

Oriental healers believed that the human foot like a heart, because they “rocked” the blood of the most remote parts of the body.

The unit “second heart” combined contrast foot massage and myostimulation. The left side of the mat is heated, and the right – is still cold. At each site located elevation of the seven pyramids to massage the arch.

On the right side of the machine are the probes for low-frequency stimulation. Unique “electromassage” helps relieve fatigue to the legs, reduce swelling, it also has a positive effect on the emotional state of a person.

On the feet tightly focused 70 thousand. “Vital points”, so they stimulate a beneficial effect on all body systems. Within 12 minutes of massage people recuperate and get complete relaxation.


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