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Oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy

The term “oxygen therapy” is literally translated as “oxygen therapy”. Currently, this modern innovative method is widely used in medicine and cosmetology. The basic principle of the impact of oxygen therapy – a compensation of oxygen deficiency in the body, the lack of which leads to various problems.

In medicine, oxygen is usually used to treat diseases that are accompanied by hypoxemia. These include the problems of the cardiovascular system, inflammation and emphysema, altitude sickness, poisoning asphyxiating gases (chlorine or phosgene, for example). Oxygen is also used in the struggle with some purulent putrid soft tissue processes. For example, its use in the treatment of gangrene.

For introduction of oxygen into the body using different ways: via inhalation, subcutaneously, intraperitoneally, through the intestine (to expel worms), etc. Therefore, catheters can be used for oxygen therapy, masks, oxygen tanks, special inhalers, oxygen tents and awnings. There is also a treatment with oxygen under high pressure. This procedure is called hyperbaric oxygenation.

Features of the application of oxygen therapy in cosmetology

In cosmetology oxygen therapy is used as an effective technique of saturation of the surface layers of the skin with oxygen. It is known that for normal epidermal processes of life, he must receive a sufficient amount of glucose, fatty acids, amino acids and oxygen necessarily. If oxygen is insufficient, and the slowing of metabolic processes in cells accumulate pending intermediates of chemical reactions.

Acting on the skin, oxygen has the following health features:

  • microcirculation tissues and activates the metabolism in cells;
  • promotes tissue repair;
  • increases the antibacterial and immune defenses of the epidermis;
  • it has a prophylactic effect against acne;
  • restores healthy complexion.

In cosmetology oxygen therapy is used in the form of inhalation, enteral, subcutaneous, epicutaneous (oxygen irrigation areas of affected skin) and oxygen methods baths.

Oxygen cocktails

Oxygen cocktails are considered very useful for the organism as a whole. They help strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, improve sleep. Improvement of the whole body, improving well-being, of course, the most favorable is displayed on the skin. Therefore, oxygen cocktails are widely used in medical institutions, and recreational and beauty centers.

Typically, oxygen cocktails are made with rose hips broth with the addition of egg protein. These ingredients are in a special way become saturated with oxygen. In order to achieve greater effect to the drink is sometimes added to fortified syrups or infusions of herbs.

The only contraindication application techniques oxygen treatment is an individual intolerance of components used.

In our cosmetology center «ViKey» the most modern techniques for skin care with oxygen therapy. You can use the following programs of rejuvenation:

  • «Anti-Age therapy” (20 min);
  • «Anti-Age therapy” (10 sessions);
  • “Express-rejuvenation” – mesotherapy neck, face, décolleté + oxygen therapy of the whole body (90 min);
  • “Express-rejuvenation” – mesotherapy neck, face, décolleté + whole body oxygen therapy (4 sessions).

We also offer anti-cellulite program “Oksigenotarapiya + wrapping” (90min) and “+ Oksigenotarapiya wraps” (4 sessions).

In addition, here you can enjoy the following wellness treatments for skin care:

  • program “Skin Regeneration” – peptides with oxygen (90 min);
  • program “Regeneration of the skin” – peptides with oxygen (4 sessions);
  • program “Improving circulation” – massage Toff + Oxygen therapy (90 min);
  • program “Improving circulation” – massage Toff + Oxygen) (4 sessions).

Take advantage of “Vikey” cosmetology center and your skin will always be healthy, beautiful and well-groomed!


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