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Bus tours in Kiev

Kiev – the world-famous city, which originated in ancient state of Kievan Rus. His love for the harmony of the ancient monuments, modern architecture and nature. It is not possible to come to this wonderful city and not see at least the most famous of its attractions. And even if you have lived in Kiev for life, probably you from time to time have a desire to visit your favorite historic sites, to hear about their new and interesting facts…

Different times in Kiev attractions

Kievan Rus was one of the largest countries in the European Middle Ages. This era was marked not only important historical achievements, but also the establishment in Kiev of unique monuments that have survived to the present day. The most famous of them, perhaps – Sophia Cathedral (1037) and the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (1051). Both ancient shrine on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites are considered to be binding on a visit to Kiev.

The second most popular after the Khreshchatyk street – Andrew’s descent – combines the features of several eras. Her story begins with the Kievan Rus, when a short way from the Upper Town was laid in Lower. A major stages in its development are considered the 18th century, when its hill St. Andrew’s Church, and the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, was built when the main building was carried out of the street.

One of the most interesting buildings in Kiev – House with Chimeras – is associated with a later age. It is the beginning of the 20th century was built as an apartment house, and then used as a medical facility, and is now the residence of the President of Ukraine. With the events of the 20th century is also linked the monument “The Motherland” opened in 1981 as part of the museum complex of the Second World War.

Independence Square, Kiev which is called Independence Square, although it began to take shape a few centuries ago, but the majority have been associated with the current era. This is due to the repeated reconstructions, as a result of which there have been several modern monuments, fountains, sculptures and other architectural landmarks.

Interesting excursions in Kiev

Our company organizes trips to Kiev for its visitors and residents. They will be of interest to those who have just arrived in the capital of Ukraine, and those who have long been in love with her. The discovery of artifacts of ancient times and the modern history of Kiev – a beautiful version of weekend excursions.

One of the most convenient ways to get acquainted with the sights are our bus tours in Kiev, among the advantages of:

  • – the opportunity to see a large number of historical and architectural monuments in a short period of time;
  • – fascinating accompaniment of the best tour guides;
  • – included in the price breakfast and lunch.

Open us to live and interesting history of the ancient city, an integral of the present day.


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