Услуги отеля “Vikey”

Additional bed 🛌

If there are more guests than planned, you should ask for an extra bed in the room. This may be a small bed, cot, or playpen for a small child.

Free breakfast 🍳

Breakfast is not included in the hotel room options, unless he made a reservation when booking. The higher the category or stardom of the hotel, the more varied the morning menu. Continental breakfast includes juices, hot drinks, buttered buns and jam. The famous English breakfast in hotels differs from continental by the presence of scrambled eggs. The most popular option is the buffet. Dishes are offered a variety of dishes – from fruit slices to meat pastes.

Free cancellation

In the struggle for hotel customers attract guests with special booking conditions. When the trip is planned in advance, then the probability of postponing the arrival date is high. In such cases, the option of free cancellation is very convenient. It is subject to advance notice.