In the everyday events circulation it seems that it is simply impossible to lead a healthy lifestyle for us sometimes. How can a busy person find a time for several portions of vegetable food preparation, for example? Furthermore, scientists claim that adults need to eat more than five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

Our “Vikey” bar specialists know how to solve this uneasy task: one-two portions of fruit or vegetables can quite be in the form of freshly cooked juice (juice). In addition, we also offer other healthy drinks: activated water, natural lemonades, oxygen water and oxygen cocktails. Some of them saturate our organism with necessary substances, thanks to their structure, and some, thanks to their physical properties, are fine multipurpose antioxidants.

Therefore welcome to our cozy institution where exclusive and healthy drinks are offered!

«Vikey» eco-bar special menu

We approached not only creatively, but also using the latest technologies and knowledge towards selection of drinks. Technologists together with scientists and nutritionists participated in the menu’s development. Therefore our eco bar offers unique drinks for you:

  • the activated water, purified ionized and structured by means of electronic ionizer having alkaline pH and the negative ORP;
  • various juice, made of high-quality products (fruits, vegetables, greens);
  • the oxygen water, oxygenated by means of special equipment;
  • the natural lemonades, made on the basis of natural syrups from fructose;
  • oxygen cocktails, where natural liquorice syrup, rather than simulated foamers, is used as a froth-forming component.

Our know-how– the activated ice received according to patented technology from the activated water is used for eco bar drinks preparation. Therefore possesses the same physical properties. In addition all drinks prepared from pollution-free products which passed ecological and organic certifications.

Health and longevity drinks
Every eco bar drink not only contains the necessary useful daily nutrition substances, but also possesses a number of health-promoting properties. The activated water, for example, promotes the organism’s common improvement and oncologic diseases prevention, slows down aging processes, restores acid-base balance, improves the organism’s oxygen saturation and increases its protective properties.
The freshly cooked juices’ usage normalizes metabolism, increases immunity and vitality, improves appetite and digestion, and promotes clarification of an organism and waste removal. Oxygen water strengthens immunity and increases serviceability, while oxygen cocktails intensify digestive tracts functions, improve digestion, stabilize work of nervous system and so forth.

Our natural lemonades are unique by the fact that they do not contain glucose. Therefore, people with pancreatic diabetes are able to use them. And the activated ice used in preparation of drinks lowers their ORP and increases reduction properties.

It is easy and pleasant to follow one of the main postulates of a healthy lifestyle, the healthy nutrition, together with “Vikey” eco bar.