Name of the dish Energetic value (in grams) Price (in hryvnyas)
Cat Bazillio (the cat snout-like dish on the basis of potato puree with baked meat, black olives and sweet pepper) 250 g 73.00
Froggy (sandwich on the basis of a whole-grain toast bread with vegetables, greens and baked meat) 180 g 65.00
Mouse stock (sandwich on the basis of a whole-grain toast bread, crispy salad leaves, quail eggs and carrots) 200 g 68.00
Fish boat on waves under sails (Potato puree, salmon butterfly, vegetables and greens) 250 g 108.00
Fruit butterfly-salad (Apples, oranges, bananas, grapefruit, kiwi, strawberry, sour cream-vanilla sauce, mint) 150 g 58.00
Butterfly (Lush salad leaves, tomatoes, baked turkey with pineapples) 200 g 89.00
“Dolphin” milkshake 200 g 50.00
“Swan” cocktail 200 g 50.00