Restaurant in “Vikey” hotel complex

Breakfast and lunch

for everyone!

What is the difference between a restaurant «ViKey» among similar institutions in Kiev?

At first, products that are selected for the preparation of our dishes are special dietary control on the content of radionuclides and pesticides. It checks not having a certificate from the supplier, but investigates the actual products supplier.

Secondly, in our restaurant there is a kind of male and female menus, which are developed based on the difference of exchange processes among representatives of different sexes. For example, women are more in need of calcium and iron, whereas men more need of fiber and protein.

Third, in the preparation of our dietary menus take into account the full compatibility of the products when they are used together. It is known that due to the right combination of materials better digestion occurs therefore – improves mood and reduces stress for the body, because it is formed less toxic substances.

Fourth, the development of our dishes was taken into account that the human body can not produce on their own need for his work, some useful substances. Get them he can only with food, so we are using the following components in the preparation of a healthy diet:

  • vegetable oils known content of vitamin E and F, as well as omega-3, which enhance the metabolic processes of the body. These include flax oil, sesame and walnut, adding its own unique taste nuances in the finished dish;
  • sea salt containing iodine, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Sea salt promotes better absorption of food in the gastrointestinal tract and leakage of protein, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism;
  • buckwheat, rye flour and oat flour rich in fiber and essential amino acids, vitamins and beneficial micro-and macro.

In addition, we enrich ready meals with essential minerals and vitamins, they are balancing on the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, so many unpleasant processes that accompany normal meal, just excluded.

Restaurant «Vikey» is unique in the fact that we have used in cooking Sous Vide the original technology. Its principle – prolonged low temperature to bring to the desired condition of products that are placed in the water in a special vacuum pack. Its advantages:

  • finished dish retains the true, rich taste, is not lost its appearance;
  • products contained in nutrients and vitamins are not destroyed, which often occurs at the boil;
  • food retains juiciness, not boiled and not boiled.