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Why it is better to choose hotel on the suburb of the capital than in its center

Planning a trip to the capital many people consider different options of placement. And frequent travelers prefer hotels in the city center explaining their choice by the fact that there are usually the main local attractions. This thought is somewhat fair but nevertheless the placement in hotel on the suburb of the capital has a number of advantages.

The first advantage – profitability. If to compare hotels of one level, on the suburb of the capital of number in them cost is much cheaper than in the center. Also in the suburbs, as a rule, various customer services (hairdressing salons, beauty shops, car washes, etc.) are much cheaper. The prices in cafe and restaurants also significantly differ and not in favor of hotels located in the center. Thus, at placement in hotel on the suburb of the capital the travel in general will be much cheaper than in its center.

The second advantage – silent and cozy atmosphere. In the center of any capital, as a rule, are concentrated not only sights but also a huge number of cafe and restaurants, entertainment, shopping and business centers.

Therefore often it is difficult to find hotel there, for example, with loud music from the neighboring building, with noise from the route on which passes a set of cars, etc.. And in these parts it is possible not to speak about many people.

In hotels on the suburb, as a rule, such problem is absent. In particular, our «ViKey» hotel is located in a quiet place where it is always cozy.

Other advantages depend on the concrete place where hotel is located. «ViKey» hotel is near some exhibition centers, therefore perfectly will be suitable for placement during a business trip to the capital of Ukraine.

In addition, from hotel it is convenient to reach the railway station, the center and many sights of Kiev. Close arrangement to routes for departure from the region also is an additional benefit of «ViKey» hotel.

Some sights of Kiev region (monuments of history in Bila Tserkva, for example, or Rizopolozhenchesky monastery near Fastov) are also territorially closer to the suburb of Kiev where our hotel is located, than to the center.

Thus, «ViKey» hotel located on the suburb of the capital of Ukraine is budgetary but at the same time comfortable option of placement which perfectly will be suitable for business and trip.


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