Bath with woods (sauna) “Vikey”

Bath with woods (sauna) “Vikey”

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Bath with woods in hotel complex “Vikey”

Since ancient times, our ancestors have used bath for the recovery and purification of the body. The main purpose of visiting the baths removal of toxins, toxins, the half-life of products through the skin cells. It is worth noting that the cleansing of the body after steaming in the Russian bath is much more effective than after a sauna.

Bath great assistant in the fight against bacteria and viruses. Elevated temperature conditions inside the premises of the bath increases your body temperature, helping him to deal effectively with a variety of ailments.

Bath ideal alternative training of internal organs, especially the liver and kidneys. Under the influence of heat from the body sweat is released, and with it, with the body get rid of harmful substances, toxins and impurities that accumulate a long period in the intercellular space of environmental stress. Harmful substances easier to remove from the body through perspiration than with liver function. A similar situation with the kidneys – the optimal disposal of the body of excess fluid is carried out afterwards, which significantly reduces the burden on the kidneys.

Humidity in the wood-fired bath about 60%, compared to the sauna, this figure reaches 8%. It turns out that at high humidity and high temperature, the body begins to conduct heat better, as a result of the body warms up gradually, without harm to health. Under low humidity and high temperature environment in the human body may occur vasospasms, tachycardia and other functional disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Advantages bath with wood

Deep cleaning body

Russian bath with wood burning stove and the stove create excellent preconditions for the cleaning and treatment of the body. The optimum combination of high temperature and humidity promote skin cell renewal, then full disclosure for effective cleansing of blackheads, excess body fat and other toxins substances negative.

Stimulation of the immune system

Bath with wood ideal for hardening of the body. Systematic visit it promotes good health and improve the general condition of the person.

Healing influence

Drug-free treatment has long been used by many people. Even doctors say curative effect of a wood-fired bath before many medicines. Bath combines preventive procedures such as inhalation, massage and body warming, which is indispensable in the fight against colds and viruses. Also, wood-fired sauna copes with a hangover.

Correction figures

Bath with wood improves the metabolism in the body. The heat in the steam room, the hot steam and massage with a broom to help break down excess body fat, remove cellulite from the skin surface. After visiting the bath the skin becomes elastic, elastic, soft and silky. For 30 minutes a Russian steam bath on the wood, the average person can lose up to 1 liter of sweat, which removes harmful substances accumulate in the tissues of the body.

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