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Room booking Online

Commission-free booking Online in «ViKey» hotel Room booking in hotel via the Internet becomes more and more popular recently. After all it is possible to provide itself with accommodation in comfortable hotel during travel from any country, any city and at any...

Salt chamber Speleotherapy

Speleotherapy The benefits of “salty” air on human health has been known since ancient times. Even more than two and a half thousand years ago for improvement of people salt caves were already used. And in the XIX-th century one Polish therapist noticed that the...

Speleotherapy for children

Speleotherapy for children It has long been axiomatic statement that children are often sick. This fact is promoted by immature immunity of the child and influence of various adverse ecological phenomena. That air in some regions very well influences on health of...

Out-of-town complex

Advantages of accommodation in hotels in the country Going to travel, many people give preference to hotel accommodation in the country refusing flatly to book apartments in the center. And there is no wonder, as such placement has a number of advantages. Firstly, the...

Hotel on the outskirts

Why it is better to choose hotel on the suburb of the capital than in its center Planning a trip to the capital many people consider different options of placement. And frequent travelers prefer hotels in the city center explaining their choice by the fact that there...

Health-improving complex «ViKey»

Hotel and health-improving complex «Vikey» Hotel and health-improving complex «ViKey» is the opportunity to combine a fascinating trip and treatment Hotel and health-improving complex «ViKey» is a modern mini-hotel with the European level of service which is located...

Advantages of mini-hotels

Advantages of mini-hotels In life of each person there is a need for a temporary accommodation sooner or later. The reason for it can be travel, business trip, rest with close people and other occasions. Going to other city or even the country, naturally, it will not...

Rest near Kiev «ViKey»

Rest near Kiev Comfortable rest near Kiev – dream of many residents of the capital who want to distract from gray working everyday life and different everyday problems. The advantage of such rest is the mass of options where this rest can be carried out. Everyone,...

Advantages of «ViKey»

Advantages of hotel and health-improving complex «ViKey» During check-in all guests receive valuable gifts which will be useful to them. Shower booths are equipped with system of water transformation GreenLine that effectively removes from water pathogenic...

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